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Publication Guidelines

General Remarks

DDIAR intends to be a platform for publishing and engaging with publications. Your article should aim towards an audience with a solid understanding of international relations, yet not necessarily great expertise in your area of studies. It should be engageable, up-to-date, and accurate.

Formatting and Style

You may submit your document in any conventional document format, although we prefer .docx, .pdf, .tex or as plain text by email. Please try to limit your contribution to 2500 words including references. Please provide references where appropriate.

Please submit a title. You may also use sub-headings, quotes and other highlights.

Where possible and appropriate, use simple language and refrain from overly complex structures. Bear in mind that reading the articles should be both informative and entertaining.


Your article should somehow be connected to international relations and affairs. As an example, you could provide an abstract or a summary of an article or other publication you are or have been working on, your thesis, a course-paper for university (after it has been graded), experiences and challenges you encounter in your professional career. Your contribution need not to fit under a certain lable (such as "politics, economics etc.". Stylewise, you are free to put focus on scientific methodology or opinion. Nevertheless, your content should be accurate, opinion should be labelled as such, and information taken from other sources must be referrenced.

You may submit a title picture as well as other graphics. However, we ask you to bear in mind copyright laws, and thus ask you to either provide authorship of, or a license for any graphical material you submit.

Terms of publication

By submitting material via email or the form below, you agree that DDIAR ('we', 'our', 'us') may:

  • Upload and share your article on our webpage, social media pages, via our email-newsletter, and in our e-journal;

  • Edit and delete your article;

  • Make your article available for comments and discussion;

  • Link your article with ads only inasmuch necessary to cover webhosting expenses;

  • Tag your article with your full name (mandatory) and other personal details you shared with us (optional).

By submitting material via email, you:

  • Declare that you worked in conformity with scientific due dilligence;

  • Referenced any fragments of third-party content accordingly, applicable to both direct and indirect references;

  • Regarding graphics and media, declare that either you hold copyrights law or that the license (private or public) you otherwise shall provide is authentic.

DDIAR will not take any liablity for intentional or negligent copyright infringements on your end. As the author, you have the final word of approval for your contribution, and thus bear resonsibility accordingly.

Aside from the rights conceded to DDIAR, you retain all rights associated to your publication.

Submit a publication

Please fill and submit this form AND send an email with your article attached to

Make sure to send an email with your article attached to

Your article has been successfully submitted. You will receive notice shortly.

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