The Project


Dresden International Affairs Review is an academic platform intended for students, scholars, and academics with ties to TU Dresden's international affairs program. We aim to provide a forum to share research, news, ideas, and insights in and of the multi-disciplinary subject of international relations. As the body of students and alumni has proved to consist of highly talented, motivated and communicative individuals, this blog attempts to bring together students and practitioners, recent and earlier graduates, local, regional, and global.

This blog is supposed to emphasize the diversity of areas of acitivity we can pursue as scholars of international relations. It may demonstrate where people arrived after having graduated from Dresden, what they are working or researching on, and what their view is on contemporary international affairs. Others are invited to share their opinion and engage in discussion with the community. Posts may cover anything you feel is related to international affairs. Be it an extract of an article you are or have been working on, issues related to your profession, ideas for research and publication, or experiences you have made. We want to create a platform for and condense the academica and intellectual vigor that has always been characteristic for international relations in Dresden.

Provided that we receive a steady flow of contributions, selected articles shall be published in a forthcoming open-access e-journal.

How we work


While intended for individuals with a connected to TU Dresden's international relations program, we invite everyone to share a publication. Drafts may be submitted via email to or the "Publish" form on this site. The board will review posts for typography and formatting. While supporting a great degree of independent authorship, we reserve to initiate a peer-review process should we find it appropriate for the type of contribution. After admission, articles will be published on a scheduled basis.

The Team


Jan-Phillip Graf

Geneva, Switzerland


Daniel E. Prosi

Tübingen, Germany


Lukas Reichl

Hamburg, Germany